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About Dr. Jesse R. Bowie, III


Rev. Dr. Jesse R. Bowie, III, who passed away suddenly on January 28, 1999, during the implementation of the second year of the Arts in Focus Performing Arts Youth Program, was Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Materials for Via Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Texas. The Scholarship Fund was established by St. Paul United Methodist Church, in honor of Dr. Bowie, and is very well deserved.  Growing up on a farm in Colfax, Louisiana helped him realize the benefits of hard work at an early age.  After graduating from Mary E. Graham High School with honors in 1958, he matriculated to Southern University where he also graduated with honors. This was while serving as Assistant Dean of Boys at Louisiana School for the Blind. In 1975 he earned his M.S. Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. Four years later, in 1979, he earned his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Administrative Leadership and Political Science. His worldly achievements were pointed out by a Via co-worker at his Memorial, held at St. Paul UMC, "a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, professional colleague, Minister, mentor, educator, scholar, soldier, veteran, FBI Special Agent, Musician and friend.  This Foundation will continue in his honor and, hopefully, inspire all youth to "Dream" and work hard to achieve all you can in this life.

 4815 Gibbs Sprawl Rd.       
 San Antonio, TX.  78219 
Barbra Bowie 210-422-0693
Brenda Tehas 210-316-3424