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Past, Recent and Upcoming Events

Past Events

2003 Scholarship Award Banquet
Scholarship recipients, Sponsors, Board, Family



Everybody had a blast at the banquet -- the food was good, the entertainment was great, scholarships were awarded and the funds were used to implement the Arts in Focus program at New Creation Lighthouse Charter School, San Antonio, Texas.  


The Spring Break
Motown Showdown 2006

Free Workshops kicked off for "Black History Month" at the Arcadia Theatre on Saturday, February 11, 2006, a film screening of the Temptations Movie was shown as the basis for an inspirational writing contest on "Say No To Drugs" ,  a song & dance competition on Saturday, February 18, 2006 for Youth where we chose (5) Motown winners who formed their own Temptation group and performed at the main event with the legendary "Temptations" on March 11, 2006, scholarship certificates  and other prizes were awarded at the event to all winners.  All of this was a part of the "Motown Showdown, 2006".  Should we do it again???


August 2007 Grand Opening



Upcoming Event
Back to School Painting Party
We are celebrating the kids going back to school on Aug 27,2011 at 7pm
There will be food and refreshments served  while we paint our own masterpieces!
cost per person is only $10 each
Bring a friend and dress to make a mess!

To sign up or volunteer for an event, see our "Contact Us" page.

 4815 Gibbs Sprawl Rd.       
 San Antonio, TX.  78219 
Barbra Bowie 210-422-0693
Brenda Tehas 210-316-3424