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This is our opportunity to describe the different competitions, activities and Programs we offer.  If you have suggestions please let us know.  



School Eligibility Rules - Elementary, Middle, High School

1.  Please visit our website, or for more info and to make donations online thru paypal. 

2.  Appoint a "Speech Contest Coordinator" and 3 Judges.

3.  Submit a $50 Membership Fee (annually)  to the above address or via paypal on our website.

4.  Solicit Student entries(videos) immediately for the Contest and schedule video submissions during the month of January.  Contest should be no more than 4 weeks in length.  You may opt. to schedule your contest live at your school and video tape and judge your entries at that time. (The quality of the video will be considered.)

5.  Place orders for T-Shirts with students' names to be worn during contest month. (optional)

6.  Schedule your contest and/or judging as a Black History Month Event in the month of February.

7.   Award three (3) scholarship certificates and prize amounts of $60, $50 and $40, respectively, to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place runners-up and a $100 scholarship certificate to the Grand Prize Winner.  A Scholarship fund will be established by Edward Jones for all winners. (Certificates included with membership)           

8.  Submit the Grand Prize entry, to be received by March 15th, to: b" Competition by January 10th to:  Texas O"BAM"ARAMA Speech Club Contest, C/O Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation, at the address shown.

9.  Hold a fundraiser for the kids to raise the $300 (or more) to cover the cost of your school membership & contest or request our O"BAM"ARAMA speech club fundraiser or solicit sponsorship. 

10.  Award other prizes as you see fit.


 Youth Contest Rules

1.  Pay $15.00($10.00 if you join thru your school) to become a member of the O"BAM"ARAMA online/offline Speech Club for one(1) year.

            (The school can summit group membership fees at our website or the enclosed address.)

2.  Choose any Political Speech from any Presidential Campaigns, past or present, if applicable.

3.  Extract a 3 minute(or less) excerpt and creatively make it your own with speech, music, rap, poetry, dance or drama.

4.  Video tape your best recital of your 3 minute speech.  Entries longer than 3 minutes will be disqualified.

5.  Submit your entry to the school "Speech Contest Coordinator" by January 31st.

6.  Grand Prize entries will be uploaded to "Youtube" for our State Wide or "Speech Club" contest and winners will be contacted and announced at a special  award dinner where prizes will be awarded.

7.  Send us your best pics of this event to share online.   HAVE FUN!!!

Sponsored by the Dr. J. R. Bowie, III Scholarship Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.  All proceeds will benefit the speech club perks and the VOP Performing Arts Academy.



Local Schools
Submissions:  January, each year
Contest:  February, each year

City Wide Competition

4th weekend in March

State Wide Competition 
2nd weekend in April
National Competition

2nd weekend in May

International Competition

4th weekend in July

*Venues and other details

 will be announced per year.

Village of Providence(VOP)
Performing Arts Academy
After School & Summer Program
Please contact us if your school is interested in establishing a VOP Performing Arts After School Program.

Sponsored by the Dr. J. R. Bowie, III Scholarship Foundation