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The Village of Providence Performing Arts Academy
“Preparing our students for the future by giving them
the best educational opportunities possible through - 
quality after school, weekend and summer programs.”

The Village of Providence Performing Arts After-School Program (The VOP) is established under the Dr. J.R. Bowie, III Scholarship Foundation.  The mission is to prepare our students for the future by giving them access and exposure to the arts, opportunities to explore their artistic abilities and supplemental academic tutoring through quality after school programming.

The Dr. J.R. Bowie III Scholarship Foundation  for Performing Arts and Autism, in honor of Dr. J.R. Bowie, III, was established as Artistic Expressions Plus in 1994 and became a joint venture in partnership with the Carver Community Cultural Center and St. Paul United Methodist Church in 1998.   Dr. Bowie was Chairperson and Vice President of finances for Artistic Expressions Plus.  He was also involved in the initial planning stages and development of the Arts in Focus After School Program. 


His love and concern for our youth was evident in several of his endeavors and his dream to “present math and science to youth in a  non-threatening atmosphere, making it easier for  students  to understand”, is being carried out by his wife, Barbara, today through the AIF After School Program.


The Foundation is a nonprofit public awareness and advocacy organization supported by a group of public, private and nonprofit institutions dedicated to ensuring that all children and youth have access to quality after school programs and the arts. 

Foundation Purpose & Arts In Focus Mission Statement

Motto: "Our Kids Are Our Future"

The purposes of the Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation, shall be, but not limited to, the following:

a. To provide programing, in any city, that may be used to assist in the real transformation of a community in need(i.e. San Antonio, Texas' east side, south side, downtown or rural areas) and to address the causes of those needs by offering assistance to seniors, young adults, youths and their families.

b. To create and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the basic curriculum of performing and visual arts through our Arts In Focus Program, as well as supplemental education in reading, writing, math and science and other programs of enrichment.

c. To support this effort by continuing to organize, sponsor and administer educational projects; to purchase, receive, develop and maintain appropriate equipment and supplies.

Arts In Focus Mission Statement

Arts In Focus, operating under the Bowie Scholarship Foundation as an after school program, will provide avenues for youth to express their artistic abilities in ways that will improve family, community and multi-cultural relationships via exposure to fine arts and positive role models, encouraging respect for self and others and promoting understanding among all races, ages and talents. To create and maintain an enthusiastic interest in fine and visual arts, while also tutoring and administering projects that support Reading, Writing, Math and Science. To extend youth, parental and community support for all performances and academic activities.



Star in the spotlight

Arts in Focus logo created by Sam Houston High School Student, Tremayne Williams, in 1997 through an artistic logo contest by the Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation.  Many students participated to match our theme and mission statement.


Scholarship Award Banquet

Please get in touch for donations, sponsorship, partnership, to volunteer, offer comments and/or join our mailing list.

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