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Getting Involved

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. We have many different options to encourage others to get involved in our cause.

Volunteer Your Time

The Bowie Foundation has established its multi-generational program, headquartered in the Historic Town of Floresville, continuing the services that we have been providing for the past twelve years in the "River City," San Antonio.  Please review our programs and find an area of interest where you might want to get involved.
You may also volunteer for any of our upcoming events.  The Foundation allots credit hours for volunteerism to students, adults and for probationary causes upon request.

Go to Programs

Community Events

Fun activities are a great way to get people involved. The Arts In Focus Fall Program offers an excellent opportunity for participants to learn valuable life skills, such as creative collaborations and effective communications. The production of musical dramas is an excellent way to learn the value of teamwork since the productions require many different skills. All youth involved will be able to participate, in a meaningful way, towards a common goal; therefore, learning to respect and value their artistic abilities, the contributions of other cultures, their peers and the adults involved.
We solicit your participation by way of your attendance and encouraging the attendance of family and freinds at the various performances and presentations by the Arts in Focus youth.  

Make a Donation

About 45% of parents in our targeted areas are unable to pay for after school programs that will expose the children to opportunities to develop the self-discipline and self-confidence that manifest from hard work. In response to that need, Arts In Focus has always and will continue to be free to our youth and their families.

The Foundation has been supported by grants, as well as public, private and non-profit institutions dedicated to ensuring that all children and youth have access to quality after school and summer programs and the arts. Although our budget is tight, we will continue providing comprehensive programs and services to low-income families and at-risk youth while, at the same time, developing our own base of supporters and establishing major fund raisers that will ensure the continuation of access to these programs by our targeted population.

We need your help to continue our services and programs as we establish the Dr. Bowie Foundation’s autonomy. The plans, services and curriculum have worked well in the past, and with your help we can continue these valuable services, as well as expand to provide many more to our community. 



Write a Letter, make a suggestion, sign up!

Contact Info

 4815 Gibbs Sprawl Rd.       
 San Antonio, TX.  78219 
Barbra Bowie 210-422-0693
Brenda Tehas 210-316-3424