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Striving to encourage youth to be the best that they can be!
This Program Sponsored and developed under the Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation Village of Providence.
.pond/carnivalcruise.jpg.w180h225.jpgBarbara Collins Bowie
is our Founder and Executive Director.  Mrs. Bowie is a retired Social Worker/Nurse who worked with seniors and youth in her 35 years career.  Now, working with the same population as a volunteer, but in an area that has been her greatest love since childhood.  She is a Writer/Published Poet who  loves the arts and works directly with the youth and seniors in all disciplines of service.  She has written and directed many plays and performances involving the youth and adults.  Her vision is to create that "village" whereby all generations will interact together to provide a nurturing environment that will serve to increase the chances of  a better future for our youth.

Speech Club Mission - To offer literary opportunities to youth that will expose them to positive role models interested in helping them increase their abilities in the disciplines of reading, writing and public speaking  and to use what they learn to help advance others in these areas. 


The purposes of the Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation are to:

  • Assist in the real transformation of communities by providing programming for children and youth, families, and senior citizens so that life chances are enhanced and quality of life is improved.

  • Support the academic, social, affective, and civic development of children and youth through the Performing Arts Academy and the Arts in Focus After School and Summer Program, as well as supplemental education in reading, writing, math and science and other programs of enrichment so that they are prepared for succeeding in school, post-secondary opportunities, and serving their communities.

  • Participate in the development of a trained and productive workforce by providing the education, training and related services in response to labor market needs so that the unemployed and those transitioning from welfare-to-work will become employed, self-supporting, financially responsible citizens.

  • Extend and ensure optimal quality of life experiences for senior citizens by providing comprehensive, targeted opportunities and care in an inter-generational facility so that they recognize how much they are valued, get opportunities to provide service to their peers and/or children, youth and families, and remain active, engaged and contributing citizens in their communities.

Dr. J. R. Bowie, III Scholarship Foundation - History

The Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation Village of Providence(VOP) has established its headquarters on the Northeast side of San Antonio, in Kirby. We have established a multi-purpose facility, presently collaborating with educational institutions and community based organizations in the immediate areas. Our initial venture includes the following programs: The VOP Arts & Academics in Focus Performing Arts  After School and Summer Childcare, to include the Obamarama Speech Club, The Golden Village Senior Social Club and The VOP Emergency Food Pantry and Flea Market.  We also continue as host agency with AARP and RSVP, keeping Seniors active in the workforce.

Informed by the educational research about the inextricable link between increased academic performance and the development of creativity through the fine arts in students at risk for academic failure, Barbara Collins Bowie established Artistic Expressions Plus Poetry Venue in 1994, and then in partnership with the Carver Cultural Center and St. Paul United Methodist Church, added the Arts in Focus component in 1997 and 1998. An active participant in the development of these programs, Dr. Bowie III, Barbara’s husband, dreamed of incorporating supplemental educational services in math, science, reading and writing along with the fine arts. His untimely death in 1999 prompted the organization’s transition to a Scholarship Foundation in his honor, annually offering scholarships to elementary, middle and high school students and providing after-school and summer programs, as well as other services to children, youth, young adults and seniors.

Effective and efficient delivery of these services hinges on the development and sustaining of collaborations with a wide diversity of philanthropic and community based organizations and being recognized as an exceptional provider of after-school and summer programming. The Y.W.C.A. of San Antonio sponsored the Arts in Focus after school program from 2000 through 2004. During that four year period various schools in the San Antonio Independent School District(SAISD) requested that the program be offered as an after school program at their locations.  As the services provided by the Dr. Bowie Scholarship Foundation increase, and as the management of the foundation continues to wrestle with the excruciating needs within families and the communities for early care and education, supplemental educational services, and senior care it is clear that Dr. Bowie’s dream can best be fulfilled with a inter-generational, multi-purpose facility. These factors were among the` considerations in the successful 2003 application for 501)(3) status.

Sponsored by the Dr. J. R. Bowie, III Scholarship Foundation